Kibworth Community Hub

Kibworth Community Hub

The Hub remains very busy, with the usual mix of regular activities, such as yoga, Qigong, Yoga Pilates and children’s parties.  

As a Community Hub, we continue to explore opportunities to work with other organisations in Kibworth and the surrounding area and are having some very fruitful discussions, which we hope to tell you about in future editions of the Chronicle.  

We are also delighted to have the services of Janet Dowling, Janet is actually a trustee of the library, but she has a lot of experience in developing a community hub and is currently doing parallel work in Rutland. Janet has very kindly offered to devote two days a week of her time to Kibworth Community Hub and her work is already bearing fruit.

Janet is keen to talk to local groups who are interested in being part of the community hub or to individuals or families who have ideas for services or support that they would find useful if they were available in the village. If you are a charity offering practical support to new parents and young families; to older people or to carers for someone of any age or indeed if you are a health and wellbeing or social care professional interested in delivering your service at the community hub, Janet can be contacted on 07904 868 018 or by email on

In the coming months there will be a lot of opportunities to get involved in the development of the hub. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer; undertaking work experience or in taking part in a focus group about some of the priorities we have already identified, look out for updates in the Chronicle. We want to hear from you about what you want from your community hub. 

On Tuesday 2 July, we are hosting a Community Market Place event, from 12noon -3pm. This will provide an opportunity for people to come and where residents can access support and information from a range of different local charities, services and organisations.  We will be providing refreshments.

Finally, we now have an online calendar, if you log onto our website and go to the bookings page, there is a link to the what’s on calendar, so you can see what is happening at the Hub and also availability if you want to book a room yourself.

Martyn Wyburn

Chair, Kibworth Community Hub