Dear Editor

Heartfelt Thanks

May I offer a very big thank you to all the lovely people (whose names I am unable to recall) who came to my aid when I stumbled and fell next to the tennis courts in Smeeton park on Friday afternoon, 1 March.

As a fairly active 87 year old, I knew immediately that I was in trouble in the park. Someone organised an ambulance while others looked after my dog, kept me dry and made me as comfortable as possible in the cold and wet. Faced with a ten hour ambulance wait, things looked bleak, however, someone managed to move things along and as darkness fell an ambulance arrived to take me to the LRI where I had a half hip replacement the following day to repair my badly broken femur. I’m home again now and recovering well.

Kibworth can be proud of the way in which its residents respond to the misfortunes of others. The patience, kindness and good humour shown to me as I lay in pain and shock will never be forgotten. So thank you once again from

Brian Nixon