What’s Going On? – April 2024

Brown tourist sign for Windmill Farm Park

Brown tourist signs everywhere

Suddenly there is a rash of brown signs indicating the way to one of our local tourist attractions, Windmill Farm Park. Installed just prior to the new tourism season each enterprise concerned pays for their signs and subsequent installation and not the local highways authority who give their approval on size and information given so they are a considerable business investment.

Fields of Blue

(not the former British jazz group called Field of Blue!)
Flax is now becoming more common in the fields around Kibworth, taking the place of the heady smell of Oilseed Rape. Is Linseed oil and seed the new cash crop? Perhaps our farming readers can advise on this please.


It is pleasing to see the four sturdy benches installed along Queen’s walk in Smeeton Road Recreation ground. This includes a bench that says simply ‘Fred’s Bench’.


The railings above are not a public space but belong to Seven Locks Housing Association as does the garden behind.

Any person who wishes to display a banner should seek permission, as they would for a shop window or the railings by the library. It is not a free advertising space. 

The picture shows a number of banners which are far from ‘temporary’.

Car Park

It was pretty difficult to take this picture of the Co-op car park without any cars! Waited till Easter Sunday. The markings on this patch of tarmacadam are excellent and allow for room to exit vehicles easily.  This should be adopted throughout the world!