Kibworth Art Lovers Society – Apr ’24

At our last meeting, the Kibworth Art Lovers enjoyed an evening of exceptional photography. Rutland photographer Richard Adams presented on the night.

Richard was raised in Norwich and went on to Nottingham to study landscape design and town planning. He took up photography well before mobile phone technology and was originally inspired by the Box Brownie camera!

He found that he enjoyed sharing memories of events and places and we were pleased to share them too. During the evening, we viewed wonderful images from Richard’s travels:

  • The Northern Lights of Iceland
  • A flight over the Grand Canyon
  • Fishermen in Namibia
  • The Sagrada Familia of Barcelona
  • The white horses of the Camargue

Finally, we were treated to sequences of amazingly beautiful photos and videos taken in and around Rutland, many of which were set to music and may be viewed on You-Tube.

Richard says, ‘Photography can sometimes be an elusive art and is always challenging but one thing for certain is that it’s a universal language that has more to do with emotions than the spoken word.’

The next meeting of the Kibworth Art Lovers is on Tuesday 30 April when professional artist, Andy Shore, will demonstrate his technique of watercolour painting. All visitors welcome.

At the Kibworth branch of the MHBS, paintings by Gussie Toft are on display throughout April, to be followed by those of Shirley Hardy in May.

Jenny Riseborough