Empowering International Women’s Day Event

Leicester High School for Girls proudly celebrated International Women’s Day last week with an event showcasing the diverse achievements of women across various fields. Year 9 to Year 13 students were treated to an array of guest speakers who shared their experiences and insights, inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

The event featured an impressive line-up of speakers, including Firefighter Kiera Radford, Communications Director Claire Sparks, Paediatrician Dr. Desaline Joseph, Netflix Producer Denise Furey, Creative Practitioner Chandni Mistry and Army Major Emma Ruggles. Each speaker offered unique perspectives on their respective careers, highlighting the breadth of opportunities available to women in today’s society.

Elissa Ikin, Teacher of Art and Photography at Leicester High School for Girls, also shared her inspiring journey to success, showcasing her dedication to fitness and recent achievements at the Madrid Crossfit Championships.

Pupils engaged with the speakers through insightful questions. Dr. Desaline Joseph, in particular, received thoughtful enquiries from the students, reflecting their interest in healthcare and medicine and the concept of resilience.

The excitement continued as the Fire Brigade brought along their fire engine, allowing students to explore the vehicle. This interaction with firefighters served to inspire young girls and demonstrate the opportunities available in emergency services. Additionally, the Junior Department had the opportunity to come and look at the engine, chat with the firefighters, and be inspired.

Mark Ryman, Head of Sixth Form, said, “International Women’s Day provides a valuable opportunity for our students to gain insights from accomplished women across various fields. We are proud to celebrate the achievements of women and inspire our students to pursue their passions with determination and courage.”

Leicester High School for Girls remains committed to empowering young women and providing them with the tools and knowledge to succeed in their chosen paths. The International Women’s Day event exemplifies the school’s dedication to developing a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Louise Burbeck
Head of Marketing
Leicester High School For Girls

International Women's Day event at Leicester High School for Girls