Dear Editor – Mar ’24

In the February issue of the Chronicle ex-editor Roger Garratt asked for more letters. As a nearby resident in Saddington of 32 years, I would like to express both gratitude and a little frustration over some of the issues of the day. 

I very much appreciate the numerous societies and facilities in Kibworth and the surrounding area. Cinema in the Langtons, Billesdon Drama Society, LMT, Bridge 67 farm, the local drama society, NSTC and KTC, the Well, etc. There’s an item on community Kibworth defibrillators. One of which we hope to install in Saddington once the funding becomes available. The Kibworth Community Hub and helpful articles such as those about lasting power of attorney. Not to mention the WI, the Community Library and the interesting article about Logan Street in Market Harborough. 

I did take part in the Big Garden Bird Watch. Up here overlooking the reservoir, I was disappointed to see none apart from a couple of sparrows visited my bird bath. The decline in small birds in this area over the last 30 years or so has been dramatic. I used to hear several cuckoos and there was always a variety of small garden birds. This is in spite of the fact that my neighbour keeps a plentiful supply of bird food and my bird bath is full of fresh water. 

Dougie speaks about the Horizon scandal, the Hillsborough disaster and the Grenfell Tower fire, which calls to mind a book I read recently called ‘Power in the People, Not the People in Power’ written by barrister Michael Mansfield, KC, who has intimate knowledge of these and other ‘unfair’ situations in our green and pleasant land. Again, on the plus side, Steve Bowkett’s ‘Look After Your Mind’ column is always interesting and thought provoking. And I was pleased to see a Leicestershire Parkinson’s choir has started in nearby Oadby. 

The Chronicle keeps us well informed in its “What’s Going On” section. Yes, I enjoyed a delicious ‘Chefs Special’ at the Lighthouse Indian Paradise on opening night. Girls’ football and Kibworth Art Lovers as well as the U3A were also in the edition as were my notes about the Fleckney Table Tennis Club. Kibworth’s tennis club and running clubs are also well represented every month, as is the cricket club. The Parish Council notes keep us updated. 

The individual can feel that there is little s(he) can do to influence matters. But it’s not true, and the Kibworth Chronicle demonstrates that in spades. I have not mentioned everything in the Chronicle, and apologise to anyone who feels excluded. This was not intentional. I have enjoyed living in this area all these happy years, and look forward to many more. You, Steven, our Editor, say “I feel lucky to be living in this community at this time, do you?” – you bet I do!

Yours sincerely,

Dr Miriam A Wohl