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Bob Morley

Bob Morley Kibworth Art

Artist Bob Morley has been a regular demonstrator for the Kibworth Art Lovers over a number of years, and never disappoints. He began our February meeting, attended by more than thirty of our members, with a presentation of his work, illustrating a wide range of subjects, media and techniques. Bob talked us through his use of watercolour, acrylics, ink and pastels. Giving us several tips for creating various effects. Clingfilm, salt, fine sponges and even a toothbrush are all part of his kit.

Moving on to demonstrate two very different paintings. The first was of a bullfinch among teasels painted in acrylics. Feathers were scratched in with a metal spatula. Granulation fluid added to cobalt blue made an effective background. White paint applied with a sponge indicated frost.

The subject of Bob’s second painting was Bamburgh Castle, prepared beforehand so that the demonstration focused on a stormy sky and sea.

Working with indigo on a damp sponge and adding ultramarine above and white acrylic with a touch of burnt sienna for clouds, Bob created the sky. He then illustrated techniques for painting a stormy sea which echoed the colours of the sky. Throughout his demonstrations, our members were entertained by Bob’s amusing style of presentation. We showed our appreciation for an inspiring and enjoyable evening.

Next Meeting – 26th March

Our next meeting, on Tuesday 26 March at 7pm, will be led by the highly acclaimed photographer from Rutland, Richard Adams. You can find out more about Richard at

We meet at the KCH Lounge and warmly welcome visitors.

Works by Marjorie Walter are currently on display at the Kibworth branch of Market Harborough Building Society. They will be followed by those of Gussie Toft in April.

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