Welcome to Beauchamp Counselling Centre

Beauchamp Counselling Centre is a newly formed counselling service at the heart of the community. It offers a sanctuary for those seeking support, guidance, connection and healing.

Hi, I’m Jon, a Counsellor and Psychotherapist and founder of Beauchamp Counselling Centre. My vision in setting up this new service is to provide a modern and fresh perspective to counselling and psychotherapy. Gone are the days of rigid sessions and a one-size-fits-all approach. Here we understand that no two journeys through therapy are the same, and that’s precisely the beauty of it! Our therapists embrace change, creativity and a dynamic approach to mental wellbeing.

In this modern world, stressors come from all directions, and so we take a holistic approach to wellness, empowering clients to find balance in their lives. Therapy at Beauchamp Counselling Centre is a collaboration between therapist and client. We offer a number of approaches, including Talking Therapy, Creative Therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing and Hypnotherapy. Every session is tailored to meet the individual where they are.

A caring team

Behind the success of Beauchamp Counselling Centre is a team of dedicated professionals each with a passion for making a difference. All of our associates bring a wealth of experience and professional expertise, as well as a depth of understanding born from their own personal journeys. Our therapists are insured and registered with a professional regulatory body. They are accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care to ensure adherence to ethical guidelines and that our clients receive the highest standards of care.

Over recent months we have been fortunate enough to secure a wonderful therapy room in the beautiful courtyard at The Manor, Tur Langton. Stepping through the door clients can absorb not only the serene surroundings, but a profound sense of understanding and empathy. This space is a place of solace and Beauchamp Counselling Centre has become a sanctuary for many. It offers a safe haven where individuals can embark on their path to healing. Alongside our new therapy room, we have launched our new website. This offers a wealth of information on the different therapists and types of therapies offered.

Inside the Beauchamp Counselling Centre

Plans for 2024

Plans for 2024 include the exciting launch of our wellbeing groups, which will offer a supportive and nurturing space for individuals to come together, share experiences, and embark on journeys of growth and healing collectively. So, please stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates.

We know the courage it takes to seek help and the strength it requires to confront inner demons. So, whether you are seeking refuge or healing, yearning to understand yourself better, or are on a quest of self-discovery, please get in touch. Beauchamp Counselling Centre is a haven where healing begins and where the journey to wholeness is embraced with open arms.

‘Realise your potential, embrace your journey’

Jonathan Aldwinckle, MBACP

Web: beauchampcounselling.co.uk

Phone: 07923 266 956

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