What’s Going On? – Feb 2024

What’s going on? Seen on Kibworth and Smeeton Information Exchange Facebook page

Norton and Gaulby Young Farmers Club are hosting their very first FUN MUD RUN for charity on Sunday 24 March. If interested contact them through their social media platform.

Football sessions for youngsters (four-six year olds) in Kibworth Village Hall on a Wednesday night 5 -6pm. Turn up and see.

Rival bus companies: It is understood that Arriva’s X3 and Stagecoach’s X7 return bus tickets are now interchangeable.

New businesses

Kibworth welcomes the new Indian restaurant – Lighthouse Indian Paradise – with its brightly illuminated sign – which opened its doors to customers on Sunday 11 February.

Amy Clarke’s Remington’s Coffee shop at 56 High Street is apparently due to open on Friday 1 March.

Let us hope they are successful – it is better seeing thriving bright businesses than closed and empty premises.


Talking of a closed business, Kibworth Club (aka Kibworth WMC) is selling off its contents on Sunday 25 February. 11am-12.30pm for members thereafter until 3pm all comers. It is a cash only sale.

Kibworth tip

The newly revamped £5 million Kibworth Waste Disposal and Recycling Facility site (known locally as Kibworth Tip) may be reducing the number of days it is open – currently it is open 5 days per week – to facilitate keeping open the Market Harborough tip.

Was this in the plans when the tender for the upgrade was put out by HDC one wonders.

Land for sale

The plot of land at the end of St Wilfrids Close is back on the market with planning permission for eight bungalows and two four bedroom houses.

You’ll need 50k short of a cool £1million to buy the land first though.

Now that the building of the skate park has been completed in Warwick Park is it not time the ubiquitous fencing panels are finally taken away and the park is re-landscaped? It is surprising the contractors have left this pile behind.

Left behind…..

Talking of Warwick Park now would be a good time to finally install benches alongside the much used footpath to the Primary school.