Photographic Studio of the Year

Congratulations to Stu Williamson Photography at the local photography studio for winning the prestigious title of Studio of the Year for the second consecutive year from the International Elite 100! This recognition is a testament to their outstanding talent and dedication in the field of photography.

The International Elite 100 Award, which celebrates achievements in global talent across various business sectors, highlights the studio’s extraordinary ability to lead and their commitment to achieving top-notch quality. Stu’s reaction reflects the genuine excitement and gratitude for such a remarkable achievement.

Winning the award once is incredible, but securing it for the second time truly speaks volumes about the studio’s consistency and excellence.

Stu’s journey from spending nine years in Dubai to returning in 2014, opening the studio in Kibworth, and catering to both portrait and commercial photography demonstrates a rich and diverse experience.

The studio seems to have become a beloved space in the community, described as an “Aladdin’s cave” filled with props gathered over Stu’s impressive 40-year career.

Stu’s passion for photography shines through in his statement about it being more than just a job – it’s a hobby and an absolute passion. This love for the craft has undoubtedly contributed to the studio’s success and the capture of moments for a diverse range of clients, from Royals to Bill Gates and companies like Goldsmiths and the Banyan Tree Group.

Once again, congratulations to Stu and the entire team for this well-deserved recognition, and here’s to many more years of capturing extraordinary moments and making a lasting impact in the world of photography!

Correna Williamson