Main Street & Kibworth Theatre Companies

Since our last article in the Kibworth Chronicle, we have now finalised our next production, the show dates and venues. An even better show than the one originally planned!

You may remember that we are going to perform a ‘Who Done It’ supper night. Where we deliver a half hour play during which a dastardly deed takes place. Whilst supper is served, you get the chance to discuss on your tables or in your teams, what you have witnessed. Look at extra clues and then once you have eaten, question the suspects to help you decide who the culprit is! Having handed in your answers, the final scene is acted out when the guilty party will be revealed. Prizes will be given to the team who is the closest to working out who committed the crime and why.

‘Death on the Rocks’

So if you would like to come and see ‘Death on the Rocks’, the show is being performed on:

Ticket price £15.

We ask that you bring your own drinks and glasses.


To book your place or for further details, please ring

P.S. The show is also being performed in Tur Langton Village Hall on Friday 19th April and Medbourne Village Hall on Saturday 20th April. Please look out for more details from these venues in the next edition of the Kibworth Chronicle.

Janet Gilbert (MSTC) / Martyn Wyburn (KTC)