Illston on the Hill WI – Feb ’24

Kibworth & Smeeton WI

Illston on the Hill WI discussed the Resolutions put forward by WI Head Office. There were four of them:

  • Dental health matters
  • Impacts of poor housing conditions
  • Say “no” to gambling advertising
  • Improving outcomes for women in the criminal justice system

Meaningful discussion took place and it was clear that each Resolution was very important and it was quite difficult to actually vote for just one. It was really valuable to hear other opinions and in some cases this caused us to change our minds from our original thoughts. Finally we found that our votes were more or less equally distributed between the four. These numbers will be sent off to WI HQ and a final two will be voted on later in the year. 

After the serious business we then indulged in a beetle drive (some members have never played!!). It was great fun and it is so frustrating when all you are waiting for is a leg!!!! Again, superb refreshments were enjoyed. 

Jane Shute