Fleckney Spinners Table Tennis Club

Following the great success of our junior coaching programme every Monday, we have restructured the sessions.

  • Beginners are coached from 6.45pm to 7.45pm.
  • Intermediate session starts at 7.45pm until bedtime beckons.
  • Open play for adults starts at 8.15pm.

Our membership is expanding all the time and we now have 54 members, one third of whom are under 18.

League News

In December, Andy Haddon, Bob Palmer and Callum Harbidge won 7-3 against Regent Sports first team. Another win for Fleckney 2 with Nick Wyche winning two of his three games.

Fleckney 1 scored the best win of the season against the third-placed side in the League. Another skillful maximum for Dillon Kearney, making three wins in the last four matches! We congratulated Dillon for winning the boys’ under-19s in the County School Individual contest. The Club was on a roll with five wins out of six matches for Fleckney 1. The year ended with hard-earned win for Fleckney 3 against Knighton Park.

There was a loss for Fleckney 2 against Knighton Park 10 (a team with buckets of experience) to start the year. Five wins out of six matches for Fleckney 1 boosted morale, another maximum for Bob Palmer.

A good point was gained against a strong Knighton Park team by Andy Haddon, Nathan Ogden and Drew Harbidge, with two good wins for Nathan. Jeremy Bradley and Jan Green had wins against members of Winstanley Wizards 5 on 16 January, despite an overall loss that night.

Fleckney 1 gained a hard won draw against the Division’s second best team. A great effort from Eiz Al Katrib beating an 80% plus player. After a disappointing night F4, F2 and F3 battled it out at the end of January to a very satisfying draw. The month ended with yet another win for Fleckney 1 against Winstanly Wizards.

It was great to see such a huge improvement in Fleckney 1, 2 and 3. The future looks brighter and brighter for table tennis in Fleckney.

Rose Johnson Bowl

At the end of December, the results of the Rose Johnson Bowl competition were released. Fleckney 1 progressed to the semi-finals. Great work Callum Harbidge, Bob Palmer, James Robertson, Andy Haddon . Since the club was founded, we have entered a few League competitions and certainly in the team events, we never looked like qualifying for later rounds. Therefore, it is a credit to the club and the vast improvement in numbers of players. In this case, Andy and Callum, who would not have had a chance in years past. Onward and upward!

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