Don Windridge – a tribute

A man with much creative skill

A man cutting waste to almost nil

A man with caps and hats to thrill

A man knowing X3 X7 drill

A man of many a medical pill

A man whose health became quite ill

A man with a musical doorbell; trill

A man known at the check out till

A man with tools his shed to fill

A man with little spare time to kill

A man knowing the area both from Church Hill

A man also knowing to Smeeton’s lane t’Mill

A man with many interests, making time to chill

A man never getting an email bill

A man with spring seedling on window sill

A man summer planting out, fragrant blooms to spill

A man making a kneele for the chapel until

A man making another – as weddings will

A man  who attended Kibworth Methodist – ’til

A man arrived – angels proclaimed with Hallelujah’s “Brill”.