MSTC & KTC – January 2024

Following the great success of our Playsical, One Night Only, our two theatre groups are about to embark on rehearsals for another Murder Mystery Supper Night which will be performed in April, in Kibworth, Smeeton and some of our surrounding villages.

‘Foul Play at Fotheringhay’tells of a family gathering to celebrate the patriarch’s big birthday.  But all is not well in the family as it is beset by scandal, illness and the threat of bankruptcy. You just know that the weekend will not end well for one family member. There is also the possibility that the house is haunted! Why do the lights keep going off? Is it the ghost of Mary, Queen of Scots?

More details will be available in the next issue of The Chronicle, including where to get tickets, and also on the Facebook pages for both groups.

Martyn Wyburn (Chair of KTC)

Janet Gilbert (Chair of MSTC)