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Eventful 2023

2023 has been an eventful year. A Coronation to celebrate. But also, a terrible year. War in Ukraine, the worsening ecological crisis, the conflict in Israel and Palestine. With these things and much more globally, we have had much to pray for and will still do so in 2024.

In Kibworth and the surrounding area, life has got harder. Bills painfully higher and everyone seemingly more stretched. We need to be fully aware of those who are struggling.

As a church and in the village communities, we have said farewell to some dearly-loved people who have been called home to God. Not least being our friend, Don Windridge, who died over the Christmas period. You may also have lost others amongst your own family. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who mourn as we enter a new year.

We have welcomed new babies and new people into our local communities as life goes on and we celebrate their arrival.

Over Christmas weekend, we were pleased to welcome a new baby into the Church Community through Baptism. Born to a Ukrainian couple living in Kibworth. It was easy to draw parallels with the Nativity story. Baby Jesus born to parents a long way from home, whose family went on to become refugees in a foreign land.

Thank you

Thank you to all those working in the local churches and villages offering prayers of hope, words of encouragement, and acts of love. I wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to meeting you as 2024 progresses.

Rev Andy Murphy

During the last month our local Methodist Circuit has appointed an additional Minister, Rev Brian Hutton, who will join us next September. Whilst he will be primarily responsible for our Daventry and Lutterworth churches, he will occasionally lead services at Kibworth. The new appointment will enable Rev Andy Murphy to spend more time at Kibworth.

Café Church was a big success over the Christmas weekend. We intend to repeat it over the next few months. Watch this column for details of dates.

SPACE, our monthly informal worship will be held on Sunday 4 February @ 5.00pm. This month it is entitled ‘We are family.’

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