Fleckney Spinners

Fleckney Spinners January Update

The membership now stands at 48, making us one of the largest clubs in the county. One third of our members being juniors.

Coaching & Free Taster Session

Coaching for beginners and improvers is at 6.45pm every Monday until 8.15pm. Open play overlaps with this session, starting at 7.45pm and continuing until 9.45pm. We have three teams in the Leicestershire Junior League. Plus a further two older junior teams in the Leicester League itself, where we have four teams in total this year. All are welcome to come along for a first free taster session.

Fleckney Spinners
Miriam (left of middle row) and her coachees.

League Results

Fleckney 3 lost to Holwell Sports in a closer match than the scorecard 8-2 suggested.

It was an exhausting night at Desford for our first team. Dillon Kearney, our star junior, played very well, winning two of his three matches. But the team lost 6-4 overall. It was a win for our first team against Winstanley Wizards’ third team with a fine maximum for Dillon. Pete Wilson was the victor in one of his games against Knighton Park’s twelfth team, but a 9-1 loss for our guys.

Fleckney 4 had a decent night against Winstanley Wizards 6 with a 5-5 draw. Our second team lost 8-2 to Winstanley Wizards 4. Well done Pete Wilson for a resounding win. Andy Haddon was on fire, giving Fleckney 3 a great win against the Nomads. Brothers Drew and Callum Harbidge both scoring well.

There was another competitive showing from Fleckney 4 against Syston Casuals 5 with Jan Nix, Jan Green and newcomer Jeremy Bradley each winning games.

A good point was gained the next day against a strong team from Syston 4. Our second team had a frustrating evening against Electricity 2, who fielded a player who was in the national top ten for veterans and is currently on his way down the divisions. It was good to see Pete Wilson and Lee Towers picking up another win each.

Fleckney won 4-6 in a noble effort against Knighton Park 8. The team which has won every match in Division 3.

There was another narrow defeat for Fleckney 4 against Regent Sports 2 with one of their players seeing everyone off, making us suspect he should be in a higher division!

For more information, please contact Miriam Wohl: Tel:07890950087 or visit our website.