The Work of The Parish Chair & Councillors

Andrew Munro (Chair) writes.

Now in my second term as Chair of KBPC I lead a vibrant, motivated and committed team of volunteer Parish Councillors. Councillors willing to give time in addition to their home, family and work responsibilities within our first tier of local government in Kibworth.

We receive training, work to a well-defined National Code of Practice and adhere to the Nolan Principles of Public Life. As well as being influenced by the recommendations contained in The Good Councillor Guide.

KBPC continually strives to improve the village to make it a pleasant place to live, play and work.


Together we aim to:

  • Provide effective and accountable local government
  • Work on behalf of parishioners
  • Be innovative and effective within the councils’ legal parameters in addressing community issues
  • Actively work with local statutory and charitable organisations and the community as a whole


Councillors are supported by an excellent administrative and groundwork team of paid employees. Efficiently led by our Senior Parish Manager, Maria Smith. The team operates from the KBPC/KHPC office upstairs at the rear of the Kibworth Community Hub. It is usually, but not exclusively, this team who is the first point of contact between the PC and parishioners. Whether it’s face-to face, electronically or via the telephone. They also deal with the day-to-day management of council financial resources. Important budgetary issues are discussed and agreed at monthly KBPC meetings


Councillors are linked to ongoing projects including, for example, Open Spaces/Parkland and work with and for young people. Also planning issues, annual events, as well as being representatives on the Burial Board, Allotments Society and Community Hub.

As Chair I work closely with Dr Kevin Feltham who, as well as being Chair of KHPC, is also a KBPC member. I also liaise with Pat Copson our Vice Chair, other councillors and Maria Smith between monthly meetings ensuring issues are researched and fully understood. My role is not just ensuring proper management of agendas but encouragement of councillors to engage in debate inclusively. Sometimes we have to arrive at a decision or judgement that is controversial following a voting procedure that will confirm the council’s resolutions.

Kibworth Harcourt & Beauchamp Parish Councils

New Amenities

Over the last few years KBPC/KHPC have provided new amenities in the village. Including, on the Warwick Park, our newly opened skate park, zip wire apparatus, a Multi-Use Games Area. Also improvements to the children’s playground on the Smeeton Road site with adaptations for children with additional needs.

Other civic improvements elsewhere in our community are also provided and maintained by us. We also organise the annual Christmas Shopping event stewarded by councillors and our administrative and groundwork teams. Occasionally our teams receive abuse from drivers unable to proceed because of road closures whilst trying to keep warm! Volunteering for this can have a downside and we will be reviewing arrangements for next year.


On behalf of KBPC, I do speak out against developer planning applications. We have successfully rejected such proposals backed up by the restrictions outlined in our legally compliant Neighbourhood Plan. We remain concerned however that a change of national Government planning law, following a General Election, may necessitate increased opposition to more housing development locally without expansion of a supportive infrastructure and a Kibworth By-pass.

Working within allocated budgets and ably assisted by Maria and her team, it is our KBPC councillors (not HDC District Councillors!) that have planned and liaised with contractors ensuring implementation and final provision of these new facilities and opportunities.

Work in Progress

We have other projects in the pipeline including the completion of the Queens Jubilee Walk in 2024, with tree planting and new bench seating in the Smeeton Road Park. I am also continuing to negotiate, with CC Dr Kevin Feltham, and the County Council, the retrieval locally of the administration/control of Kibworth High School Foundation Trust which provides an income for The Kibworth Mead Academy.

More work in progress includes the transition towards a new Community Hub on the Grammar School Hall site (which KBPC owns). The Hub will include a new Community Library, new adaptations and increased facilities, perhaps a Community Bank. Offering services and opportunities in parallel with the excellent community provision already evident at The Well. We have a Draft Action Plan nearing completion with timescales, budget consideration and risk analysis for each KBPC project.

In conclusion I am pleased to be able to lead what one local councillor described as “the best parish Council we have ever had”. A council committed in striving to make our output relevant to an evolving community that demands our engagement in making Kibworth a fine place to live.