Duggie’s Ramblings for December

Duggie's Ramblings

Adolf Hitler and Shi Huangdi share, at least one belief. Who is Shi Huangdi? He was the first emperor of all China and the first of the Qin dynasty, (BC) uniting the hitherto warring provinces into one country, politically and legally – China. He was responsible for the creation of the Great Wall of China.

Even more remarkably he was terrified of dying and death. So, he ordered the construction of terra cotta (all models visually different) soldiers; 6,000 armed to guard his body in the mausoleum, constructed for his place of burial – these terra cotta soldiers would ward off the evil spirits in the next world-crazy isn’t it? But no more crazy than the tonnes of stone used for the pyramids burial sites for the kings of Egypt, also the complex of buildings at Luxor in Lower Egypt.

Their descendants today are the cathedrals, mainly of the western world and the great Mosques, Gurdwaras and Temples of Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism respectively, all of which serve a different purpose, numinous-sacred sites and open spaces to all people, where heaven comes down to earth.

So what belief do Hitler and Shi Huangdi share? They both believed the Third Reich (Hitler) would continue for a thousand years and the Qin dynasty (Shi Huangdi) for 10,000 generations. Neither did, both lasted 13 years and many were killed in China (BC) and Europe ( AD 1939-45) in pursuit of the fulfilment of insane ambitions of both these men and their disciples – another emperor could be added-Hirohito of Japan.

What madness to think that Japan could succeed in combating successfully the mightiest power in the world – the United States of America! Until Pearl Harbour, the nation that waited and watched

Advent is a time of waiting, and we have all experienced waiting for buses, trains, planes, marriage, girl and boyfriends; the list could be endless! This waiting is different; we know the end and the time length of waiting ‘In the deep midwinter‘.

We have time to be ready and can trust that once again the celebration of the Good News will happen on Christmas Day. We are now as little children are on the evening of Christmas Eve, full of expectation. This kingdom come will arrive – a time of peace and goodwill for many around the world.

Interestingly, diaries from the past reveal that until the 19th century, 25th December passed without the glitz and glitter surrounding the celebrations of recent times change occurred. Was it Charles Dickens who led the charge? Sadly, there are many people isolated, also young people (aged18-24) on the streets, the homeless and hopeless on Christmas Day.

The Salvation Army does provide for many at Christmas as long as its facilities, members and volunteers can accommodate and finances allow.

In Kibworth Beauchamp, the Well is open on Christmas Day in the morning when all are welcome to help or celebrate, Congratulations to those supermarkets (not all) that are closing their doors on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The staff can spend the time enjoying and celebrating a well-earned break.