A CRAP review

Members of Main Street Theatre Company and Kibworth Theatre Company came together to perform an original production by Ella Wright entitled ‘One Night Only’; which was funny given it was on for five nights! But once you saw the show you understood the premise for the title.

The story circles around an amateur theatre group who are struggling to keep going and want to raise their profile. They find out that Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is running a competition to find the best amateur theatre company in the UK. So, unsurprisingly, the CRAP group enter (the name being an acronym of the group’s full name and not a reflection of their acting skills on the Kibworth School Stage).
The plot was of a great standard. The actors on stage brought it to life with a mix of acting, the singing of popular songs and simple dance routines. Good sound levels and lighting added to the quality of the show.

We sat in cabaret style and the front of house and hospitality volunteers also added to the evening.
Unfortunately, I didn’t win in the massive raffle!

The show performed to five audiences. I congratulate Ella and her cast and crew for a successful show and hope to see them perform again in the future.

Owen Anthony Brooks
Harborough FM