Local News from 1854

I recently read a copy of the Market Harborough Advertiser dated Monday 2nd October 1854 and found a couple of items relating to Market Harborough and Kibworth that I feel sure will be of interest.

Autumn Show

The Horticultural and Philosophical Society held their Autumn Show in the Old Town Hall which is situated on the High Street in Market Harborough. It goes on to say, whilst there was an excellent display of vegetables, sadly there was but a small quantity of flowers and fruit.

The article was clearly written to promote this annual show in the hope that in following years more entrants would come forward and contribute with their home grown produce.

Septennial Visit?

The other feature records the Fellows of Merton College, Oxford visiting Kibworth 169 years ago. Apparently this meeting occurred every 7 years and is referred to as the ‘Septennial Visit’.

According to the report they were greeted with a peel of bells rung by St. Wilfrid’s (sic) Church before congregating at the ‘Manor-house’ in Kibworth Harcourt.

I wonder if this event still takes place?

Glyn Hatfield