Scouts & Guides HQ – 50 Years

The Scouts & Guides HQ has been home the Kibworth Scouts and Guides for 50 years. Each week hundreds of young people take part in activities and pass through the door of the HQ. A number of fitness classes, baby groups, sports groups and more, use our building too.

Originally called Empire Hall and built in 1913. The building was first used by G.W Barratt for his antiques business (previously operating from 45 High Street). Empire Hall was built for cinema shows, but these were only shown on certain nights. Apparently the audience would be seated in whatever antique chairs Barratt had available at the time. The Hall had many uses in following years.

Kibworth Scouts & Guides HQ
Kibworth Scouts and Guides HQ

After a considerable time searching for a permanent venue the building was purchased in the early 1970s for both the Kibworth Scouts and Kibworth Guides to call home. 

The building opened as The Scouts & Guides HQ on 22nd October 1973, which is 50 years this month. It has provided a consistent and safe place for young people to develop skills for life. 

The management committee are really pleased to have been awarded £60,000 this month by HDC from section 106 developer contributions, to put towards enhancement and refurbishment of the building. These improvements will ensure the building can cater for the ever growing community and continue to operate viably into the future.

Watch out for updates on our progress.

Kibworth Scouts & Guides Building Committee