Nature to Benefit from Warm Weather

The short warm snap we are enjoying could be good news for wildlife as they stock up on food for hibernation – with balmy weather set to boost the berry season.

Peak temperatures

With temperatures set to peak at 25 degrees in southern England which is way higher than the average for this time of year, the Woodland Trust’s Nature’s Calendar team said whilst “unusual”, the short warm spell at this time of the year may not be bad news for wildlife.

October is an important time for the likes of hedgehogs, whose populations are widely known to be dwindling, as they shuffle and snuffle about feasting on food ahead of hibernation.

A Woodland Trust expert said  It looks like being a rather short span of warmth so not long enough to confuse plants and animals.

Rather more positively, it may give a little bit more time for those animals that are set to hibernate like hedgehogs to find their prey. Hedgehogs feast on worms, beetles and other insects, all of which will remain active for longer in the milder weather. Dormice can stock up on a bigger abundance of berries and nuts. It may also extend the active butterfly season for species like red admiral.