County Councillor for Gartree – October 2023


Leicestershire County Council has once again teamed up with the Woodland Trust to offer free tree and hedgerow packs. Designed to help renew and restore existing woodland and vegetation, as well as replacing trees which have been affected by diseases such as ash dieback.

Each free tree pack includes 50 native trees. A mix of oak, wild cherry, crab apple, field maple and hazel, as well as tree guards and stakes. The hedgerow packs are made up of 250 native trees and shrubs. Includes a mix of hawthorn, hazel, field maple and oaks to plant at regular intervals along the hedgerow.

Each hedgerow pack is enough to create a 50m-long hedge at five plants per metre. The tree packs are being made available to anyone who lives in Leicestershire with suitable areas of land to plant. Including community groups, parish councils and schools, as well as landowners and farmers. Eligible applicants are now being invited to register for their free tree and hedgerow packs. Helping the County Council reach its target of helping to plant 700,000 trees. That’s one for every person in Leicestershire!

To Apply

Anyone who would like to apply for a free tree or hedgerow pack is asked to register by
emailing Email your name, email address, phone number and planting location. Closing date for applications is 31 October.


Leicestershire County Council has a duty to improve the health of people living in Leicestershire. The Council has recently launched a consultation on proposed changes to their physical activity programmes. In Leicestershire, 1 in 4 adults (21-26%) do less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week (are inactive). Whereas 1 in 3 residents do not meet the Chief Medical Officer guidelines for physical activity (150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity).

Like many across the country, Leicestershire County Council is facing growing financial pressure alongside increasing demand. So needing to make difficult decisions regarding the services provided. The Council is proposing that the Public Health funding for physical activity will target those that are most likely to be inactive or have long term health conditions as this is a key priority.

Have your say before midnight on Wednesday 1 November. Go to


The listed mud wall on the High Street in Kibworth Beauchamp used to be part of a thatched cottage. The pavement is currently blocked off to pedestrians for safety reasons pending the wall being made safe. The owner has put apologies and an explanation onto the Kibworth and Smeeton Information Exchange FaceBook group. Their planning application to have the wall removed and replaced with a brick wall was withdrawn after objections from conservationists including the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).


Although the granite stone wall of the roundabout has had a few knocks previously, the main damage was caused by a commercial bus several months ago. The County Council confirmed they would be claiming off the bus company’s insurance and so the task has been left for them to resolve. The majority of the loose granite stones have been stored securely by the parish grounds team to be returned when the wall is being repaired.

County engineers are booked to repair the wall from 16 October. This is the start of half-term so no school buses. There will be some restrictions to driving around the roundabout. Also possible traffic light controls, so please be patient while the work is carried out.