What’s Going On?

The Kibworth Gas, Light and Coke Co. house (pictured) situated on New Road, (previously called Gasworks Hill) has been the subject of some discussion lately as there is currently a planning application with Harborough District Council planning department to demolish this building and replace it with four three-storey houses.

Kibworth Gas House in 2023

A little history from George Weston’s book ‘The 1891 Census of Kibworth & District – Volume One’ may be of interest here.

The gas company’s first meeting was on 5 June 1862 and a builder appointed. Gasworks were quickly erected and gas pipes installed and from Thursday 23 October 1863 {160 years ago next month} gas was supplied to Smeeton Westerby and to Kibworth Harcourt. It is not a listed property although it does have a noteworthy history.

Parking restrictions

A spate of signs have appeared around Kibworth informing motorists of their responsibilities when parking their cars.

Sadly the sign in Paget Street is misspelled. Similar enforcement signs have been erected in the Kibworth Grammar School Hall car park. This has necessitated those who use this car park overnight to seek alternative parking. The Co-op had also has signs erected with restrictions.

Temporary Footbridge

Erection of the temporary railway footbridge adjacent to the soon to be demolished bridge Grammar School Bridge continues to cause consternation. Many questions have been asked about why this is taking so long.