Run Talk Run Kibworth

Run Talk Run Kibworth will meet on Monday 25 September at 6:30 pm. Meet near entrance of The Old Grammar School, School Lane, Kibworth Beauchamp, LE8 0JE.

This support groups exist to make both movement and mental health support less intimidating, and more accessible.

Many of us suffer some kind of ‘imposter syndrome’ when it comes to our mental health, which can make it tricky to seek support. You might have a feeling that you need somewhere to talk, but you don’t necessarily want to go to a GP or a therapist. We think that peer support and community can help, and movement does a rather lovely job at facilitating those conversations for us. There are so many reasons why running makes it easier to open up.

Run Talk Run is a weekly 5km gentle jog, and Walk Talk Walk is a weekly walk. Before every meet there is a window of time to meet the other participants and say hello to the Leader. It’s alright if you’re a little anxious and quiet – we all ‘get it’ in this community. The leader then explains the logistics of the route (reminding the group that the run is gentle and that there is no pressure to “keep up”), and that at the forefront of our meetups is support… this really is a safe space to talk about how you’re really doing.