So summer feels like it is finally here!

This is the time when social media is full of ‘six week shred challenges’ or ‘get bikini ready with our three week challenge’ etc.

Here’s my challenge to you. the best version of yourself!

What this means is different to everyone but to be the best version of ourselves we need to strive to improve ourselves in terms of physical and mental health.

consistency is key

When we talk about health and fitness we know consistency is key. Motivation will come and go, your desire to train will hit lulls but to have the mental fortitude to maintain the consistency in your training whether you are motivated or not is when you will see true results.

What people don’t always realise is that motivation often comes when we start to see the results and improvements we want.

But what about when the initial motivation dies off and we start making excuses why it’s ok to miss the gym session or eat and drink things we know will impact our goals. That’s when consistency is the ever present, with or without motivation, consistency is always the most important thing.

So back to the challenge, why not forget about the ‘six week shred’ and focus on being the best version of you.

Find a way to build consistency into your training week, consistency into your nutrition, sleep and recovery.

These don’t all have to be massive changes but even the smallest of changes in each and you are moving in the right direction, moving towards your health and fitness goals….moving towards being the best version of you.

If this all seems overwhelming or if you’d just like a little more help in how to get started them feel free to get in touch with the coaches at THE FITNESS BOX and we’ll help you along the way and throughout the journey.

As well as discussing how we can help you build a plan to improve health and fitness we are also offering FREE trail sessions at the gym so let us help you build a plan and let’s get you started.

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Adam Fowler