Last Minute Quizaret

I am delighted to say that our latest Quizaret was a huge success and the Grammar School Hall was filled to capacity. We had 14 teams of six or seven. Did that give some an unfair advantage with an extra brain ‘on board’?  Of course not, this was an LMT Quiz, full of quirk, fun and unknown quantities!

There was, however, drama even before the curtains opened on the Cabaret variety items. We had given each table a colour name for identification purposes but somehow, the ‘green’ table had slipped under the radar! It had been included in all calculations, number of tables, people attending, ticket sales, colour of tickets printed, but had somehow escaped a table identification card.

Horror of horrors when a very long-standing (not ‘old’!) friend, Margaret, arrived with her family and there was no table allocated. Now Margaret is someone with whom the whole ‘Family Green’ had performed with in the early 1990s when Helen was six, Lucy 12, and me and Richard – well, very much younger!!  

The team called themselves ‘The Forgotten Six’, (she writes, guilt ridden!)

However, after genuinely profuse apologies, I realised that five friends had been reunited that evening as both Lucy and Helen were performing, I was co-presenting and Richard and Margaret were taking part in the Quizaret!

I’d love to say that ‘The Forgotten Six’ won the prizes but they came in second (with 168 points), only one point behind the ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory’ Team.  

Ah me, how to threaten a 30-year friendship!

Mary Orton

On behalf of Last Minute Theatre