Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council

Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council

The Parish Council’s monthly public meeting on 6 April was held in the Studio at the Kibworth Grammar School Hall. Cllr. Feltham explained that following an assessment of the workload and availability, the Clerk’s weekly hours were being increased. In addition, the Parish Office had been moved upstairs to a larger room to accommodate all the joint Parish Councils’ staff. A job description for an Assistant Grounds person was being written.


Now that the post on the verge of Albert Street had been installed, the MVAS can be attached once delivered.

Kibworth Tip

The Kibworth tip re-opened on 27 March and is open 9 am to 7 pm (summer timetable).

Railway Bridge

The railway bridge for the B1 footpath down past the primary school and onto School Road is due to be demolished this summer. The bridge will not be replaced until the new year.

Community Speed Watch

The training for Community Speed Watch volunteers will be held on 20 April.

Coronation Grants

Harborough District Council were offering Coronation grants of £500.

Joint Recreation Board

The double Zip Wire can be used now that a safety inspection has been completed and remedial work carried out satisfactorily. Users must not stand on or bounce on the seats. An alternative route for concrete lorries to reach the skatepark site has been agreed if the railway bridge access is not available.

Rookery Pond

The Rookery Pond project has progressed after draining the dirty water and replacing it with fresh water and a few plants added. Council approved expenditure of £792.30 + VAT for oxygenating plants and planted baskets.

Joint Burial Board

The contract for grass mowing and maintenance has been awarded to HDC. It was agreed that a Commonwealth War Grave sign could be attached to the railings. There was still no response from HDC to the s106 applications for two cemetery projects.

Grammar School Hall/Community Hub

The latest Hub Steering Group meeting was on 29 March. The application for National Lottery funding has not been successful. The KGSH AGM is on 12 April. A new logo for KCH will be considered at the next Hub meeting in May.


Council agreed to support a variation of conditions (23/00370/VAC) for Bridge House to hold events on more than 28 days a year.

22/01100/FUL – Council agreed to continue objecting to the 2 new houses at 2 Harborough Road.

Finances & Administration

All financial statements, reconciliations, summaries, and shared costs with KBPC were approved.

Approval was given for the increased share of the revised rent for the shared parishes’ storage facility.

Councillor Reports

The pathway between Braymish Close and New Road is in need of resurfacing; the clerk will ask Greenbelt to investigate.

Clerk’s Report

The cost of a Notice Board to be considered for the wooden fence by the Tin Bridge would be about £1,000. Posters and notices from the public are regularly placed at this site. Quotations are awaited.

Councillors approved the £70.92 cost of a Coronation flag for Jubilee Green.

Planting of wildflower seeds on the Wistow Road roundabout could be in April.

Next Public Meetings

The next Public Meetings are on 3 and 15 May (Annual) and Thursday, 1 June in the Kibworth Grammar School Hall. The meetings will be reported in due course.

Our 7 pm monthly meetings are open to the public so why not come along to meet all our councillors and see what we do?

Please visit our website for more information about us

If you would like to get involved and let us know of any community news about up-and-coming events, then please contact the Clerk.

Sara Barrett