Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council

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The Parish Council’s monthly public meeting on 25 April was held in the Studio at the Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

Public Participation

A resident said he was in support of the present Community Speed Watch and was pleased the Council was looking into a ‘20s plenty’ scheme.


All financial statements, reconciliations and payments were approved. It was also resolved to approve the draft accounts for 2022/23 in advance of them being submitted for internal audit. It was resolved to purchase four ergonomic office chairs and a battery operated lawn mower, to be shared with KHPC.

Chairman’s Report

Cllrs Munro and Feltham are meeting with legal officers at LCC on 16 May concerning the KHS Foundation charity.

Clerk’s Report

The CCTV system and new cameras have been installed and are working from the library from 3 April.

Councillors were reminded to collect nomination packs for the forthcoming elections.

Volunteers have been trained for the Community Speed Watch fortnight to 5 May. The KHPC Clerk will be sending speeding data each evening to the police.

Discussions have been had with the fundraiser for ‘Fred’ and benches and a tree are being ordered.

It was resolved to agree LCC terms and conditions regarding two bollards to be installed in the verge by Smeeton Road Park.


The usual reports from the County Councillor outlining the problems caused by A6 roadworks for new gas mains and more water pipes to the Coach & Horses.

The Joint Recreation Board reported slippery surfacing by the zipwire gate.

A backboard on the MUGA has been vandalised. The KMA principal identified the vandal from photographs and these are now with the police.

Quotes for replacing the broken kissing gate on Smeeton Road Rec have been received, but a decision won’t be made until the new Queen’s Walk has been installed. A walkabout was held around Jubilee Green on 4 April.

The Joint Burial Board next meets on 16 May.

The Kibworth Grammar School Hall Trust AGM was on 12 April. They agreed to continue with the merger with the Kibworth Community Library Trust.

Youth Provision

Cllr Kiernan updated the council on various actions including attending the Great Glen Youth Council later in May. She is awaiting responses from KMA about a summer festival with the Youth Council. Also a meeting to discuss restorative justice after her recent meeting at Police HQ.

Kibworth Community Hub

It was agreed that Nortoft Consultants continue with grant bidding and meeting facilitation until 31 May. A new experienced fundraiser is being approached to help raise the necessary funds.

Electrification of Midland Main Line

The demolition and rebuilding of the School Road bridge that carries the B1 public footpath from Warwick Park and proposed diversion route were discussed. The rebuilding of the bridge will take six months. There is currently no proposal for an alternative temporary footbridge replacement which the council would support. It was resolved to write to the Public Rights of Way officer and Highways objecting to the lengthy and unsafe diversion route which would involve two crossings of Church Road or Station Street.

Next Public Meeting

The next monthly public meeting is at 7pm on 23 May 2023 and will be reported in due course. The Annual meeting is on 11 May 2023.