Dear Editor – May ’23

I read with interest the April edition’s article about the mud wall in High Street. Having been a resident of the village for 17 years, I understand the wall’s value in terms of both the village’s heritage and villager’s sentimentality.

However, putting aside any question of the planning department’s competence, I think it’s important to recognise that this wall is as much an eyesore as the building it serves to hide had recently become. As a wall, the only thing it looks capable of protecting are the insects it probably now harbours, and a strong wind or a misdirected vehicle would probably bring about its timely demise. The safety of the public and anyone who happens to reside in the property must be the first consideration.

No. 70 High Street has stood empty for some time, and it looks like it’s new owner is doing a great job of redeveloping a property that will be a great asset to the village. Perhaps they should also be trusted to build a wall that will both be fit for the area and be fit to protect the home that will soon stand behind it?

Simon Edmonds