A Memory of the 1953 Coronation

Dear Editor,

A Memory of the 1953 Coronation

I lived in Kibworth Harcourt with my family at the Singing Kettle shop/café opposite the Coach and Horses, between 1950 and 1958, and was three years old at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation.  I would love it if someone could confirm (or not!) the memories I have of the occasion.

I remember being in a large barn with tables and benches lined up. I presume we were indoors because of the weather.

I’ve always imagined the barn was off the A6 on the Leicester side of the village.

I remember having my first taste of Vimto and thinking how wonderful it was!

I would love to know what really happened!

Best wishes

Ann Davies (nee Hardcastle)

For those whose memories do not stretch back to the 1950s the Singing Kettle café cum shop was situated at 13 Harcourt Estate – which is currently Francesca’s fashion shop. Editor