E-Scooters – owner beware!

There has been an increase of e-scooters being used across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in recent months.

Keep them on private land

Just to remind any residents thinking of purchasing an e-scooter that you can only ride it on private land with the land owners permission. It is against the law to ride on the road or pavement.

They are classed as motor vehicles

E-scooters are classed as motor vehicles under the Road Traffic Act 1988. This means the rules that apply to motor vehicles also apply to e-scooters, including the need to have a licence, insurance and tax.

It’s not currently possible to get insurance for privately owned e-scooters, which means it’s illegal to use them on the road or in public spaces.

Avoid the Road Traffic Act

If you’re using a private e-scooter you risk the vehicle being seized under S.165 Road Traffic Act 1988 for no insurance. 

If you cause serious harm to another person whilst riding an e-scooter the incident will be investigated in the same way it would if you were riding a motorcycle or driving a car.

Harborough North Policing Team.