Kibworth Osteopaths alleviating pain

“Osteopathy isn‘t for me’’

It is not unusual for patients to say to me on their first appointment “I have tried everything, nothing helps alleviate my pain and I am not sure what you can do to help me.

Before we explore that, a brief history. Osteopathy was founded by Andrew Taylor-Still in the late 1800s. Taylor-Still believed that the body has the natural ability to recover from ill health when it is functioning effectively.

Building trust with the profession

It has taken a long time for trust to build with regard to the Osteopathic profession, the medical profession and the public. Pre 1993 anyone could call themselves an Osteopath – and people did receive treatment that was poorly done and they were on occasion sadly made worse.

Now, with regulation through the General Osteopathic Council, only those who have done the Four-year degree in Osteopathy may use the title Osteopath meaning patients really are in safe hands.

Maybe not for everyone

I will say that Osteopathy definitely is not for everyone and for me, the hallmark of a good Osteopath is knowing when not to treat and refer to the patient’s GP for further testing. Most commonly people (at any age) see an Osteopath because they are experiencing physical pain anywhere from their head to their toes. Sometimes symptoms are new, and other times patients have been struggling for years.

Osteopathy rarely works in isolation, it is key that patients are involved in their own healing process. All advice given is always uniquely tailored to each individual patient. Often self-help involves the use of ice and/or heat, safe and appropriate exercises (which are changed as the injury improves) and guidance regarding long-term management if needed.

This can include anything from pillows to footwear. I recently recommend a vertical mouse to a lady suffering from tennis elbow, and the use of this has made her pain-free as well as reduced the likelihood of reaggravation.

A boost with Pilates

Sometimes Osteopathy works to an extent; this is something I discovered not long after I qualified in 2009. I found treatment got some patients so far, but there was something missing that couldn’t get them over the finishing line. This is why I trained as a Pilates instructor as the blend of Osteopathy and Pilates boosted my rehabilitation skills enormously which has therefore made a difference for my patients – which is why I do what I do!

It seems like a very long time since I graduated. In that time I have done a lot of post-graduate training to ensure I constantly upskill thus meaning my ability to potentially help more people in more ways is ever-increasing.

I have completed sports tape training (this is not just for sporty people) as the use of this provides injury support for a good five days meaning treatment continues outside of the treatment room. I have also completed Infant Feeding Training as I see so many pregnant patients and babies and doing this course has again boosted my skills.

Osteopaths with a blend of skills

So when you see an Osteopath, you rarely receive Osteopathy in isolation – it is a blend of skills that has the potential to help everyone.

For more information on how Osteopathy can help you, please visit or call me directly on 07761 664 325.

Always happy to help you,

Emily Coombes (B’Ost)

Registered Osteopath (7416)