The Well report

The Well, Kibworth

The last two years unexpectedly became a real period of change and development but we have now reached calmer waters! 

Andy Wright and Nicky Scarr have created a successful partnership and between them. They are managing The Well beautifully and efficiently. With all the necessary policies and protocols in place the Trustees are now able to turn their attention to the long-term future of The Well.

We have discovered that charities (The Lottery etc.) are very happy to provide funds for new projects but will not fund ongoing costs. This means we have to try to raise funds more locally to cover our increased running costs.  We are very grateful to all our donors and the charity which is giving us significant funding for three years. In the meantime, we are delighted that so many of you spend money in our café and our shop as it is a major contribution to our funds. Please remember our shop when you have clothes you no longer wish to keep.

In addition to the various organisations that run clinics offering various forms of advice, we close at lunchtime on Mondays to provide space for others to run social events on Monday afternoons. We currently have a Dementia Café once a month but there are still three Monday afternoons available each month to anyone to run other groups.

In line with our aim to create a welcoming space for all we are providing soup and a roll for £1 on a daily basis and we have a ‘Chatter & Natter’ team who are frequently available to anyone who would like a bit of company in the café.

Above all The Well will be open on Christmas morning again this year (10am-12 noon). You will be very welcome to enjoy good company and complimentary refreshments at The Well that day! 

Mary Ireland, Chair of Trustees.