Kibworth Osteopaths – Nov ’22

Sciatica is Not Really a Diagnosis

It really saddens me when I hear patients say “I have Sciatica” with a tone of final acceptance. 

Sciatica in its own right is not a diagnosis. It is a symptom that you experience when your sciatic nerve is being irritated. 

The reason that your sciatic nerve is irritated will be your diagnosis. Sciatic symptoms typically include pain, ‘pins and needles’, numbness or weakness in your legs. 

Osteopaths always look for the root cause of any injury. This way we are more likely to be effective in our treatment, advice, and rehabilitation. 

Whatever the cause of Sciatica, spinal or non-spinal, it is painful, debilitating, frustrating, and can be chronic. 

How Osteopathy Can Help

Osteopaths understand this and our goal is to get you pain-free, or as near as possible. 

I’m not ever going to say Osteopathy can cure everything, but I can personally promise that I never stop searching for the reason my patients have their symptoms. Where needed, I refer and request further tests. Above all, I will always act as my patient’s advocate. 

It is vital that a patient understands why they have their symptoms. This helps with self-management as well as providing a pathway to restoring confidence in their body. 

This is what I am all about – spring boarding you into better health. 

Patients are often really surprised that, although they are experiencing pain, treatment does not hurt. My goal is to help you, not hurt you. The old adage of ‘no pain no gain’ is not welcome in my clinic. 

So what about that Sciatica? How can Osteopathy help? 

Firstly, we work out why the symptoms are present. Secondly, we work to calm down the irritation around the sciatic nerve using gentle hands-on treatment, sports tape, and relevant advice regarding the use of ice or heat. Safe and effective exercises are also provided. The next stage is where my Pilates knowledge is utilised, since part of my job as an Osteopath is injury prevention. 

How do we keep a patient in good form? Well, once symptoms are much quieter, strengthening the area is key. 

So, there we have it, next time you or someone you know states that they have Sciatica, challenge them on this. Ask them what is causing the symptoms so that the journey to recovery can start. 

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Always happy to help you, 

Emily Coombes (Bachelor of Osteopathy) Registered Osteopath