The Church Clocks at St. Wilfrid’s

Clocks Working

Many of you will have noticed that the Church Clocks are working again. Over the last couple of years, due to COVID and funding challenges, it hasn’t been easy to get the Clocks succesfully repaired.

The Friends of St Wilfrid’s have worked tirelessly to raise funds. We’ve also had the very welcome financial help of a local clock repairer. You are now able to walk or drive past the Church and see what a great job has been done.

Wayne Francis, from Boston, was able to take on the project once he was able to source some gold leaf. Wayne has a fabulous reputation for repairing Church Clocks which we can now see at St Wilfrid’s.

The photograph doesn’t really do justice to the great workmanship that has been carried out. Do go up to the church and take a look?

We are extremely grateful to the donations received and the Trustees, in particular.

  • Roger Whiteway
  • Pat Darke
  • Rob Tidd
  • Clive Smith
  • Ann Davies
  • Elizabeth and John Cox and
  • Sonya Brown.

Special thanks must go to Klaus Heinrich who was brilliant with the ladder.

Supporting The Friends

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