(Re-Introducing) SPACE

So, what is SPACE?

Well, it’s hard to explain. Is it space to think, space to breath, space for quietness to listen for the still small voice, space for God’s prompting?

 It is 45 minutes of recharge for the week to come, a shared endeavour to locate the space (that word again) where faith (sometimes fragile, sometimes bruised) meets Life (the lived day-by-day experience). So much for a simple explanation!

Let’s try another way. Some of the people we met, and whose ideas informed our thinking last year at SPACE included: Harry Baker, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Rutger Bregman, Caravaggio, Leonard Cohen, Pope Francis, Harpa Dei, Jack Hobbs, the monks of Keur Moussa, Kiev Chamber Choir, Masaccio, Thomas Merton, Vladimir Kara-Murza, Henri Nouwen, Eric Owyoung, Rembrandt, Franklin D Roosevelt, Silent Child, Sting, Tom Wright, Greta Thunberg, and Paul Zac.

Looking ahead we’ll be learning, together, with John Arlott, Simon Armitage, John Bell, Donatello, Brian Eno, Malcolm Guite, Brian Mclaren, Ralph McTell, Max Richter, Margaret Rizza, Patti Smith, Lucy Winkett and Phillip Yancey to name but a few.

We meet at 5pm on Sundays in Kibworth Methodist Church. We’re a small group and you would be very welcome to enter our SPACE whether you attend KMC, another church, or no church at all.

Michael Mays