Eyebrook Wild Bird Feeds

Recycle, Refill, Replenish with Eyebrook Bird Feeds!

The Johnson family at Eyebrook Bird Feeds has transformed the old tack room into a refill bird seed shop!

Here at Eyebrook Bird Feeds you can now purchase a selection of our products by weight.

Bring your own containers

You bring your own containers and scoop the seeds you require refilling the containers with our great birdseeds. You can replenish your feeders in the garden and enjoy the birds. All in the knowledge that you have saved money and packaging!

Visit Nana’s yard

Customers can also enjoy a look around our Nana’s old tack room which still has items of old tack, potions and lotions and relics from the 1940s onwards.

The Johnsons have farmed at Rectory Farm since the 1936, and are passionate about farming, conservation and birdseed.

Over the past thirty years the family has enhanced the environment to encourage more birds and wildlife, as well as hosting farm walks and village events on the farm.

They diversified into retailing wild bird seed in 2004, producing nutritious, naturally balanced seed mixes where many of the ingredients are grown on the family farm.

The distinctive birdseed mixes are packed with a range of wholesome seeds using as many homegrown and British seeds as possible. This ensures an appetising and beneficial feed for garden birds to enjoy all year round.

The farm surrounds the beautiful Eyebrook Reservoir and is a haven for insects, birds and animals. By feeding Eyebrook Bird Feeds you can guarantee your seed is mixed on a conservation farm dedicated to improving the environment for birds and wildlife.

Abigail Johnson

Rectory Farm, Great Easton

Leicestershire LE16 8SN

01536 770771