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“I am often asked what constitutes a typical Ramblers walk?

Variety of Walks & Rights of Way

Why do our Walk Organisers work hard to spread the walks the length and breadth of the county.

Firstly, to ensure we provide as much variety as possible. Especially as a good many of our members habitually join us week in, week out.

Secondly & importantly, to ensure that all of our Rights of Way are walked both to preserve them and report issues. Such as broken stiles or, as sadly can occur upon occasion, unsympathetic landowners barring the legal right of way. Unfortunately this occurred recently in a field near Melton Mowbray where a wire fence had been erected. I have reported this to Leicestershire County Council who it must be said are unfailingly efficient at resolving such problems!

Leicestershire, Rutland & Beyond

Of course we do operate certain walks beyond the county boundary, notably on Saturdays and our occasional Coach Ramble Programme. Nevertheless at least 80% of our activities take place within Leicestershire and adjacent Rutland.

Typically walks start between 9:30 and 10am. The leader will usually have walked the route out beforehand. Ensuring they are totally familiar with it and that there are no ongoing issues along the way. They will also identify safe and suitable parking for the meeting point which could be a car park.

Once everyone is assembled the leader will give an overview of the route. Such as villages that we pass through and other landmarks that we will visit. An idea of the location of the tea break and lunch stops will be highlighted. We generally walk for between an hour and a half up to two hours before taking a tea break. Once more the walk leader will have a good idea of suitable locations for these breaks. Popular spots are Churchyards and public open spaces such as park’s and play areas where picnic benches are available.

Half or Full Day Walks

On a half day walk of up to 6 miles, the tea break would represent the half way point. At the end of many, although not all, walks, there may be a chance of a pub lunch. This is totally optional, however, and some will make their way home.

On one of our full day walks, generally between 11 to 13 miles, there will be a further stop. This will probably in a churchyard or park. Several of our walk leaders are enthusiastic bakers and various cakes can be offered around. For day walks you need to pack sufficient water, a flask of tea/coffee, sandwiches/filled rolls, fruit and snack food.

The post lunch section is normally no more than four miles. We would return to the start point in time to get away before the ‘School Run’ or the evening rush-hour.

I hope that gives a flavour of how our walks operate. A number of our leaders are keen on local history and will take you to some interesting points. Not many months ago a walk that I led saw us gather outside a farm with a noteable distinction. The distinction by the Ordnance Survey of being the furthest point from the sea in the United Kingdom!

More Information

Full details of our year round walking programme and contact details of walk leaders can be found on: