Kibworth Art

In our April meeting, the Kibworth Art Lovers were treated to a new look at painting with pastels. Nuneaton based artist, Estelle Robinson, has 30 years of experience in painting portraits and she presented pastels as a forgiving and versatile medium.  She says, “With portraiture it’s all in the eyes of course, get those right then everything else seems to follow.”

Estelle stressed the importance of using quality paper and pastels with their intense pigments. A portrait must reflect more life than a flat photo and it’s better to work from several candid photographs than from a single posed one. With these tips in mind, she explained her techniques as she expertly brought to life a child’s face on her white pastel matt paper. Members were particularly intrigued by her use of water to blend colours.

In response to requests from members, Estelle is intending to return to Kibworth to do a pastels workshop which would be open to anyone wanting to give it a go.

Our next meeting on 24 May will feature a demonstration of the Bob Ross wet-on-wet oils technique by Great Glen artist, Ray Riley. 

The Kibworth Art Lovers are now preparing for an exhibition of their work which will take place, from 27 to 29 May at 66, High Street, Kibworth, by kind permission of Nan and Roger Whiteway. We look forward to the valued support of Kibworth residents.

Work by Gary Phillpott is on display at the Kibworth MHBS throughout May, to be followed by Hilary Willars’ in June.

Jenny Risborough