Dear Editor

Ukrainian Refugees Update

Firstly, I wanted to make a small correction to your editorial comment in the April issue of the Kibworth & District Chronicle, and also provide an update about the Ukrainian refugees.

Re the Afghan refugee families that were airlifted to the UK last summer. HDC secured four suitable properties. Whilst all have allocated families, only two are in residence at present; the arrival of the families being in the hands of the Home Office. These properties were in addition to the three properties that were secured and occupied via the previous Syrian refugee scheme.

The criminal invasion of Ukraine by Mr. Putin’s armed forces, and their war crimes, has meant that millions of Ukrainian residents have sought sanctuary in adjoining countries and also in the UK.

The UK Government has two schemes. The first is for family members of an existing family member who was resident in the UK. The second via the Sponsor a Refugee scheme.

Harborough District Response

The response from residents of the Harborough district has been truly magnificent. Both in donations, and via offers to be a host. This means across Harborough, residents are currently hosting the most number of Ukrainian guests in Leicestershire, (approx. 120) with possibly over 200 expected in the fullness of time.

Whilst key responsibilities and funding is with Leicestershire County Council, staff at Harborough DC, as well as undertaking home inspections, are working closely with volunteer groups and other agencies to provide support and guidance for both hosts and their guests.

Our website page is updated regularly with new information for both.

It makes me proud as Leader of the District Council as to what our residents and communities are doing to welcome and support their fellow humankind.

I salute you all.         Я в╕таю вас ус╕х

Thank you                Дякую

Cllr Phil King


HDC, Kibworth Wards