Letter to Editor

New Public Keep Fit Areas Now Available in Kibworth Beauchamp.

Free !

There is an air of caution about some of the news items in April in case they were written on the morning of  1 April, but, put the kettle on, have a brew and read on. These items are true. Really? Yes!

Hop, Step & Jump to the Mercury News Shop?

Did you hear about the paving stones set in place to level an area where a tree had once been? Repairs eventually carried out but following concern that the job had not been properly done, Highways were again contacted and after a wait of ages came out to reset the stones. Take a look at them now  near the Mercury News Shop, well-sunken to make an ideal hop, step and jump for pedestrians in wet weather practising for the next Olympics. Why not give it a try?

Prosecutions via the High Street Cameras?

Perhaps you`ve read of planned improvements to the village centre network of cameras, still totally secure and linked to Harborough. Yet when some bright spark puts their foot down to reach the top of Fleckney Road or the bottom of  New Road before they`ve hardly left the Square, there are cameras costing £300 each a year for monitoring, if reported, what will happen? Nowt? You might be asked to provide evidence! What a surprise!

Helter Skelter to The Swan, and The Bookshop. Have you heard about the new helter skelter coming to a footpath near you? Ideal test track for the electric buggies some senior citizens use or for folk using a walking aid. Where are these test runs? Try the footpath from Ridley Way along Weir Road, past the Kibworth Dental & Implant Clinic and round the corner to Wedding Belles, (opposite the Swan), and then don`t miss outside the old Beauchamp buildings now occupied by The Book Shop, by the very welcome tree. It’s growing, so test it with caution.

Take a Lucky Dip in New Road

Finally have you tried the “smooth ride!” down the narrow New Road pavement alongside the attractive old farmhouse wall towards the Greenway/Paddocks cut- through. There’s a super lucky dip by the far end of the wall, just nice for a splash over pedestrians after rain.


This year the Leicestershire County Council tax will increase by 2.99% on a Band D property and Harborough District Council tax will increase by £5.00 this year on a Band D property. I reckon residents of Beauchamp, Harcourt and the like pay increased local taxation hoping it will mean jobs done swiftly and to a good standard, thus in the long run saving public money which seems to be prudent bearing in mind the present Government financial cutbacks. They would rather this happen than LCC and HDC use it to fund consultations, questionnaires, plans, referenda, and feedback.

An Idea.

How fitting it would be if, in memory of the Kibworth`s Independent councillor, the late Sheila Leslie-Miller, a tireless campaigner for others as her own sight failed, these dangers were erased.

Roger Garratt.