Kibworth Fire Station – Recruitment opens Wednesday 27 April.

What is it life like as a Firefighter at Kibworth Station?

Since joining the Fire Service last September I can firmly say without any hesitation that it has been one of the best experiences of my life so far. At the prime age of 42 and not having many regrets in life so far, all I can say is that I regret not joining the service years ago.

I applied to become an on-call firefighter because I wanted a new challenge in life. It has given me a new positive focus, a new goal to work towards, and I thrive in helping people.

Following my initial enquiry, I attended an online workshop where I got a full understanding of what it’s like to be an on-call firefighter. Due to Covid I wasn’t able to attend a ‘Have a go’ day. However I found some clips on You Tube that gave me an understanding of the tasks I’d be required to do at the point of entry assessment.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful the first time. This made me even more determined to push harder and I successfully passed the second time around. Each stage of the process is greeted with constructive help. This gives you the tools to succeed and progress. It was a very rewarding process and looking back I absolutely loved every single minute of it.

Induction day and being given all of my kit was like reliving an early childhood Christmas memory all over again!

From my first meeting with the Kibworth crew I was made to feel so welcome. Probably because I bribed them with cakes! They really are such an awesome bunch. They all look out for one another, they made it effortless to settle in and feel part of the team. I am extremely proud and feel so privileged to be part of such a strong, passionate, hardworking and caring crew.

Being a trainee, the first year is about gaining the foundations of essential skills necessary to become a competent firefighter, by attending various short training courses. After each course it’s then back to station to consolidate and build on those new skills, and gain further knowledge and experience by attending a drill night once a week or any further optional training sessions drafted by the crew. Additional training is regularly organised which firefighters can attend. It gives you great exposure to lifelike scenarios. After every training session everyone takes so much away from what they’ve learnt. Those skills can be put to use both personally and professionally.

The help, support and guidance I’ve received from everyone I’ve come across in the Fire Service so far, especially from the Kibworth Crew and my assigned mentor, has been positively overwhelming and I’m full of absolute gratitude to every person who has held out their hand to help me so far and I know this help will forever continue.

I truly believe the more you put in, the greater and more quickly you reap the rewards. I’ve learnt so much about myself that I never knew. I’m stronger mentally and physically than I ever thought. I’m capable of more than I give myself credit for and I can push myself further than I ever imagined possible. The feeling of personal achievement is beyond any imaginable feeling. This is all drawn from you, from the crew who believe in you and strive to help you be the best possible version of yourself.

You can apply to join the team at

  Lorraine Hodson. (trainee firefighter)