Fossil fuel is toast!

Sustainable Harborough Community

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just published another report. 

The Met Office has produced this summary for us with links to the full report.

BBC summary

For scientists amongst us, it will be a joy to read for its checks and balances to ensure the accuracy of the data.

For the rest of us, the BBC summary may suffice. Hurray for the BBC!

Briefly, coal is on the dole and fossil fuels are toast! Removing carbon from the air is central and the scientists put technologies for this as a realistic possibility.

But these new technologies are unproven and very expensive both in terms of costs and raw materials so is this feasible?

A simpler solution is for all of us to accept different lifestyles in the way we travel, the food we eat and for our housing needs.

‘Inside Science’ programme on BBC Radio 4 on 31 March (now available on BBC Sounds) ( had interesting ideas about this.

Scientists point out…

Back to the report, the scientists point out that the cost of repairing the damage caused by climate change is now more than changing to renewable energies. 

Changing lifestyles

Lastly although the richest people in the world cause high carbon emissions, if they were willing to change their lifestyles and also invest in low carbon businesses. They could be important role models, yet still enjoy a reasonable standard of living, (unlike the people in the global south causing minimal carbon emissions yet suffering droughts, floods and malnutrition for example, but that’s another story).

Look seriously at our way of life

All of us who accept the warnings need to look far more seriously at our way of life and move faster on the new green journey. 

And we need our Government to move faster in all sorts of directions hence the benefit of joining campaigning groups to help persuade them. Does it change things? Yes if there are enough of us.

Julie Fagan, Eco Church member and volunteer, Sustainable Harborough Community