Editorial April 22


Thank You, as pronounced in Ukraine

Thank you to all those people who responded so favourably to my leader column entitled “I make no apology…” that was published on page three of last month’s Chronicle. It is heartwarming to think that so many people are of a similar mind. We are so lucky as we live in a matchless area of the UK, although sadly miles from a coastline.

I am sure you will remember that two years ago we were ordered to stay at home as the Covid pandemic took hold. We were all fearful that at some stage we would succumb to the new dreaded virus. The End of the World almost felt nigh. It crossed my mind T S Eliot’s words “This is way the World ends, not with a bang but a whimper.”

During this time many people relied on their neighbours and/or friends to keep their heads above water probably over the telephone or over the internet. Thank goodness for modern technology. There was a palpable outpouring of kindness by strangers. Mankind helping one another. No matter what religion or even of no religion you are, no matter what skin colour you are, no matter what sexual persuasion you are most people have an innate compassion towards our fellow human-beings.

There is a passage in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice (Act 3 Scene 1) which springs to mind. “If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh?  If you poison us do we not die?” All men (and women) are equally compassionate. No one is born hating or disliking someone or something.

People are able to do things because of where they live or the money they have. Harborough District Council (our local council, in, possibly, one of the least deprived areas of Britain) confirmed they were preparing to take a least two Afghan families if they had worked alongside British Troops in Afghanistan back in July 2021.

We are now faced with another humanitarian disaster, Ukraine. Perhaps HDC have new plans to help with this crisis. Have we opened our doors fully to those who want to come to the UK? Here, again, there has been another outpouring of kindness. I have faith that mankind will do the right thing. I pray they do.!

Stephen Poyzer (Editor)