Courier Fraud

It’s a Crime

Courier fraud is a crime in which the victim is tricked in advance into handing over cash, bank cards or other valuable items to a courier who visits them in person.

How does Courier Fraud Happen?

Courier fraud occurs when a fraudster contacts a victim by telephone claiming to be a police officer or bank official. The caller sounds plausible and may confirm the victim’s name and address, basic information which could be obtained easily.

The Fraudster wants YOUR Bank Details

In some instances, after trust has been gained, the fraudster will claim money has been withdrawn from the victim’s account by staff within the bank. They persuade them to go to their local branch and take out a large sum of money from their account. The fraudsters then send someone to collect the money from the victim’s home address.

What can I do to Protect Myself

The police or banks would not contact people in this way.

• If you get a call like this hang up.

• If you need to contact your bank to check wait five minutes as fraudsters can stay on the line even after you have hung up, or use a different line altogether.

NEVER give details over the phone

• Install a call blocker on your phone. Telephone companies can assist with call blocking technology to help restrict these types of calls. We would recommend that people talk this through with their vulnerable or elderly family and friends to help prevent this activity.

Spread the message

Please help us by spreading the message. We ask then you pledge to tell 2 people you know , especially the elderly or vulnerable, so that we can try to prevent other people falling victim to this scam.