Kibworth Mead Academy Parking

Dear Editor

I have always been an admirer of the Kibworth Mead Academy, its staff and pupils.  However I must take issue with the recent letter in the Chronicle from Kate Foster, chair of the school Council.  This is with regard to the parking problem faced by those living on and using Smeeton Road.  Whilst it is true the staff might have had to make a greater use of the road parking due perhaps to Covid-19 safety arrangements it is simply not true that this is a recent occurrence.  I have lived here for 15 years and year on year parking on the road by staff from the school has posed a problem.  The absence of cars is most marked when the school is closed on weekends and holidays. Then the road is virtually clear of parked cars.  It is appreciated that some of the school parking spaces must be used at this time for the safety of the children but in normal times it is noticeable that this parking is not fully utilised. The ‘brief congestion’ she refers to is nonsense as it is a regular happening with large vehicles and cars finding it very difficult to enter and leave properties and travel on the road safely.  When planning was approved for the extension of the school premises it is clear the need for adequate parking was not a consideration and this is to be regretted.  The provision of white lines have been negotiated which is to be welcomed as previous attempts to get the school staff to move their cars from either side of the driveway met with no response whatsoever.  There is no easy answer but when the school coffers allow might I suggest the school BUILD A BIGGER CAR PARK.

Ann Keeble