Dear Editor

Mrs Olive Marsden

I am writing to you to see if you or any of the Chronicle team can help me out. I took over the tenancy of an address in Morrison Court in February 2021. Recently, I received a postcard addressed to the previous tenant, a Mrs Olive Marsden. On checking the Chronicle website I have discovered that Mrs Marsden sadly died in December 2020.

In the obituary that appeared it would appear that she had two sons, Richard who lives in China and Graham. There is no mention of where he lives.

Someone called Christine writes the postcard and it would appear she has no knowledge of Mrs Marsden’s death. I would like to pass it on to one of her relatives so that they might be able to let her know about the sad news of her death.

If there is no one on the Chronicle team who knows where Mrs Marsden’s relatives live I wonder if you could put a note in the next issue asking them to contact me.

Alison Charlesworth

(Tel 07742 883040)