Sustainable Harborough Community November 2021 update

Sustainable Harborough Community

Why do companies hide the truth about their activities?

Do you remember how the tobacco industry hid the dangers of smoking? They started their campaign in 1953. It took till 2006 for a federal judge in the USA to find against them for deceiving their users.

A similar process occurred with the horrendous dangers of asbestos. It took even longer to reveal the true dangers of it when disturbed or used without any safety equipment

Why did companies do this? How could they do this knowing it was costing people their health and even their lives?

Sadly the same thing is happening today. The powerful oil, gas and coal industries spend huge sums of money to create confusion about climate change. It is known as ‘green washing’. Why do the companies do this when they are harming themselves and their loved ones? Not to mention the millions of poorer people being very badly affected by floods, drought and forest fires.

COP 26 will be nearing its end by the time this edition of the Kibworth Chronicle is published. We will then find out how much action is planned over what timescale to keep the global temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius. We mustn’t lose hope and we can change our own lifestyles to play our part and also encourage our Government and local councillors to play their part too for the sake of all living creatures, ourselves included. Hang in there.

Julie Fagan, Eco Church member and volunteer, Sustainable Harborough Community